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Welcome to Elysium...

Home to the virtuous, the brave, and those who seek to uphold the ways of the Republic. We strive to uphold the ideals of honor, respect, and unity. We are a group that was originally formed in World of Warcraft back in 2005, and has grown to resemble a family more than a group of strangers. This is our home away from home... Our Elysium.

We welcome players with many types of play styles, whether it be casual or hardcore, PvP or peaceful, RP or not. Our ultimate goal is to provide a comfortable atmosphere that helps us to enjoy one another's company while working together to achieve greater goals. No matter how you choose to enjoy everything the galaxy has to offer, you can be sure that you won't be alone with us. Feel free to enjoy the game as you please, because we offer a little something for everyone. Each of us is only part of the whole, and all are appreciated for their unique contributions to the spirit of Elysium.
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Elysium Downs C-Zero 16M HM!

AxTal, Feb 5, 14 1:24 PM.
After many attempts, Elysium finally downs Corrupter Zero on 16M HM in Dread Fortress on 1/27/13! Congratz to our 16M HM team. We've got a date with HM Brontes next!

Elysium downs first 3 bosses of HM DF in one night!

Madmartygan, Jan 8, 14 11:54 PM.
Elysium went into HM DF for the first time as a 16m group and killed not one, not two, but THREE bosses! However, Mad wasn't paying attention and didn't get a picture of the last one. So here are the first two bosses killed by 16m, and the 3rd boss killed two days later!

Grob'Thok Downed 8man HM

cougrocks, Dec 12, 13 12:24 AM.
Congrats to our 8man HM team for downing Grob'Thok (or physically impossible peg leg - according to Mad).  Congratulations to all those who got new loot.  On a side note, we were able to 1-shot the first 3 bosses which was a huge improvement.

Draxus Down 8man HM

cougrocks, Dec 11, 13 6:26 PM.
Congrats to the HM raiding team for finally downing Draxus!

Nefra Down 8man HM

cougrocks, Nov 21, 13 2:58 AM.
Congratulations to our 8man HM DF group tonight.  First guild kill of Nefra on HM DF.  Congrats to Jon for the loot.  Look forward to doing it again next week.
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