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Welcome to Elysium...

Home to the virtuous, the brave, and those who seek to uphold the ways of the Republic. We strive to uphold the ideals of honor, respect, and unity. We are a group that was originally formed in World of Warcraft back in 2005, and has grown to resemble a family more than a group of strangers. This is our home away from home... Our Elysium.

We welcome players with many types of play styles, whether it be casual or hardcore, PvP or peaceful, RP or not. Our ultimate goal is to provide a comfortable atmosphere that helps us to enjoy one another's company while working together to achieve greater goals. No matter how you choose to enjoy everything the galaxy has to offer, you can be sure that you won't be alone with us. Feel free to enjoy the game as you please, because we offer a little something for everyone. Each of us is only part of the whole, and all are appreciated for their unique contributions to the spirit of Elysium.
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Guild Events - July 27 to August 23rd

Kyslai, Jul 29, 14 12:48 PM.
Thanks to the excellent turnout for both events last week, and the continued need to push through attunement, the Guild Veteran Dungeon run on Thursday evenings and the Guild Adventure runs on Saturday evenings have been extended into August. These events have been copied on the calendar thru to August 23rd, at which time school and college start back up and schedules will be reevaluated.  

In addition, we'd like to add one more dedicated Veteran Dungeon run night on either Monday or Tuesday evenings, but to do so we need 1 or 2 people willing to step up and get the groups organized at the beginning of the night.  Taking leadership of the run is always welcome, but not necessary for dungeon runs; the group as a whole shares in the tactics and strategy, and individual hands-on experience and practice of each fight is most needed at this stage.

Guild Events - Week of July 20 to July 26

Kyslai, Jul 21, 14 1:00 PM.
We have 2 group events on the calendar this week, a Thursday lvl 50 Veteran Dungeon attunement night, and a Saturday Normal Adventure / Veteran Adventure attunement night.

We have approx 12 level 50 members that are at the vet dungeon attunement stage, so this is a night to group as many of these members in group runs, so we can hit those vet dungeons hard and gain valuable experience, sharing strategies and possibly even getting a silver run or 2.  This event will be recurring again next week as well, so if you don't complete the silver achievement this week, the knowledge and strategies will carry over into next week to make it all the easier.

(Note: My schedule precludes me from being online Tuesday and Wednesday, however if someone wants to do such a run in the early week, just holler at me and I'll help organize it as I can.)

Saturday will be dedicated to adventure runs, both normal for those lower levels that haven't seen the content, and veteran adventures for those in the attunement process. Remember, game mechanics allow us higher level toons to run with lower level toons at level, thus don't be shy about signing up if there are few guildies at your level,  we can make a group work. The more experience you have at the lower level adventures, the easier the level 50 attunement will be for you.

Guild Adventure Night Addendum

Kyslai, Jun 25, 14 12:29 PM.
As was pointed out to me, I fail at providing a date and time. This event is scheduled for Friday evening, June 27th, starting at 5:30 server and going until we have no more groups that want to dive in, probably go about 3-4 hours, just depends on how long you all want to keep going. Some adventures are 30-40 minutes, some are closer to 1.5 hour runs.

Guild Adventure Night!

Kyslai, Jun 25, 14 10:47 AM.
Come one, come all to the Guild Adventures evening.  Many of us have now leveled to 25, 35, and beyond, and have unlocked a bevy full of new Adventures to try out.  Adventures still take some time commitment, but are far less stressful on healers and tanks than Dungeons, therefore we'll keep the difficulty down for this event. If you have had even an inkling of interest in trying out those off-specs on your toons, this will be a great time to try it out. We have many fellow guildmates with some experience in each Adventure, I will try to pair up groups that have 1 person who knows what's going on in each.  I look forward to another fun evening seeing new content and getting to know my fellow guildies. See you there!


Lanurai, Jun 1, 14 3:18 PM.
We have been born as Elysium Exiles on the Caretaker server! Mumble is busy, and lots of people are playing! If you haven't already, come join the mayhem!
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